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Just got back from the gym after work so exciting. I was wearing jogging pants and a loose shirt and loose underwear no sun revolved around my penis while I worked. I find it interesting that women and men to the contours of the tail hanging like I walking. There was a guy talking in general, I had done before in the sauna and they really clicked, and he was back. The two were greeted and given our work outs with the strange look from time to time, and I realized that my rod is seen in a couple of times while walking around, I cringe with excitement, but had no control of my natural instincts would have been very embarrassing. After an hour of working up a sweet went to the showers. While my body strip naked and admired cangrejas in the mirrors in the dressing room of the same type that came in was talking about. Possing caught me in the mirror hanging with his tail between his legs. When he came into his eyes and went straightt think my dick makes me a little swollen. I felt ashamed, Possing called and said, laughing, ' Look at me, admire me. How vein? cangrejas Lauhged and said that, if you 've got it flaunt, and they have definitely the same time in the queue. I I felt so excited and hot and thanked him. his wardrobe cangrejas was close to mine and I saw him when he pulled in front of me. I had to control myself, as my cock was semi erect now. and shot down his pants revealed a thick uncut cock and I think, just for pleasure, who pulled his foreskin the head revealed bright purple sweet. was my penis gets hard and now I take my towel to cover my shame, I said you better go to the shower to cool, smile, and he looked back and said: mmmmmmmm. When I was in the shower was cangrejas all I could was to put his cock in my mouht thinking and tasting his hot cum. When I showered, had to hide my drive back to my entry in whs heard a voice saying, ' yet they are cool or still warm feeling when I turned I saw that his cock in the shower foam otherwise wonderful showwhat it was a glorious wihtout hesitation view came in the shower... and kissed him full blast and pull your cangrejas foreskin. Taking a little soap, began to cut the tail, both of us still with straw tongue each other's throats cangrejas and masturbate each other, as if there was no tomorrow . went away so we could see, to play together. he said he was about to end, which made me fall on my knees and swallowed his cock, I always follow my first contact with his precum soon as excited by the currents of thickness salsa in my throat. cangrejas it felt fantastic and I never tired of it. I had never felt so excited. I was ready quickly, exploit and share kissed her juices as he grabbed my cock. in seconds bent and I swallowed my cock leads to a surprising climax, I could notStop cuming but finally agreed and we've proven my warm milk directly from her as her tongue invaded mouht my mouth. We cherish kissing other, which seemed an eternity with us once again, both the swelling.. We wanted finally came out of the shower and got dressed, we both know more than just a short drive to his house, where it was not long before he took the clothes and started again from the front..... mmmmmmm followed by More to follow.....
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